My First Post

Wooohooo!!I can’t believe I’m blogging. Well , here goes a little introduction. I go by the name Kalpanaa Nair , I’m 18 as of 2008 , I am not always this evil like I appear to be. In fact I only let slip my evil inclinations very rarely… But I do enjoy a spot of mischief making here and there so it’s only natural I go all !@#$%^&*() J when offered the chance to annoy people.

That was just a gentle reminder that I can and will destroy you, so try not to piss me off if you don’t want to get seriously injured. Backstabbers and unappreciative people can stay out of my life.

I’m very deep and I’ll try my best to be there for you in whatever way I can , provided you’re nice to me 🙂

Yeeeeaah, I’m not very nice, but sometimes I say funny things and…I go hyper and cuckoo at times…I love food , good music and good books…I’m fond of inspirational quotes…. Err, yeah, that’s about it :p

Sometimes being friends with me means not always getting what you want, and me always getting what I want. That’s just me naturally 😀

One last thing , don’t judge me, not knowing who I am 😉


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