Public Speaking GLEE Performance :D

Date : 2nd December 2010
Venue: SEGi College KL ( so called auditorium) 😛

I am having a writer’s block right now , so I don’t know what to write about the performance. Overall , it was a very different experience , unlike my other experiences doing a play. We had many bumps throughout the whole production of the play , but we managed to get everything out of our ways and come up with a good performance.

The awesome bunch. Some not so awesome though 😛

with our beloved seniors who came to give moral support 😀
errr….this was purely for FUN. I’m straight 😛
Cynthia , Me , Lei Wah , Moad and Hajar :))))
Note that I was being abused when this picture was taken 😛
Kristine , Susila and I 😀

Hahahha..guys gone wild 😛
My favourite picture 😀

If there’s one thing that I’ve come to learn throughout the whole production is that you can trust no one. You are responsible for your own actions and you have to face the consequences. And also , what other people think or say about you is none of your business. Go ahead and do what you think is right and what makes you happy , no matter if the whole world is against you. Definitely my life motto 😀

p/s: Most people pay for their own mistakes. But it’s unfortunate that in this case , I’m paying for yours.


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