Holidays In The Rain.

Hey people. 🙂 This blog is pretty sad at the moment, not that i don’t want to write in it, it’s just that I can’t find the time to write in it. Ever since i started going to college last year, the amount of times I update my blog just gets lesser and I’m just plain lazy like that . Plus , I don’t like to update without pictures. The words look so lonely without pictures 😦 Oh well , I’ve been rotting at home for the past week and nothing great have been happening in my life , except yesterday.

My college mates ( Moad , Cynthia , Hajar , Alistair , Lei Wah , Jason , Shinie , Kuljeet , Izac) and I went to Genting. It was only RM47 for the to and fro rides on the bus and also the cable car plus ALL theme park band. How awesome!? So cheap right?! Haha.. I woke up as early as 5am because I wasn’t able to sleep and ended up watching Wipeout till 6am. Lol..Then , I got ready and walked to the bus stop to take a cab to Terminal Putra ( which cost me a bomb!) . We were told to be there as early as 8am , but SOME people came at 8.30am , because apparently the bus was moving only at 9am. HMPH! We boarded the bus exactly at 9am, there was no delay it was very systematic in fact. It was a short ride to Genting Skyway and the 6 of us got into the cable car and started snapping away. hehe…the other 4 were in a different gondola 😛 I was literally shaking cos I’m scared of heights , but I tried to keep cool and told myself , if I fall , there’ll be another 5 people falling with me. Muahahahaha…damn evil!

Pictures courtesy of Moad 😀

We reached Genting rather early and went to the outdoor theme park straight away. It was really cold and foggy up there and it was drizzling abit , which was very annoying :S I swear to god I literally froze! We played the rides( Swinger and Space Shot) for a while and then it started pouring heavily. This is what I hate about the weather in Malaysia , so unpredictable =/

When it started pouring really heavily and when they closed off the rides, we went indoor and decided to have our lunch at KFC.I had snack plate. It was so damn not worth it la. The two pieces of chicken tasted funny . Quite different from what I used to have in KL. Then we went around taking pictures .

Moad , Hajar , Kuljeet , Izac , Alistair and I went for the Flying Coaster ride , while the others didn’t want to go for it. The ride was AWESOME! My heart stopped for a second when the thing started moving and I screamed like nobody’s business 😛 Thank god it stopped raining and we could go on a lot of rides 🙂 Pirate Ship was the best la 😛 We had lotsa fun in that. And oh , I went on Space Shot too. That was one hell of a ride I tell you 😀 And , I’ll never forget Lei Wah’s scream on every ride. Hehe 😀 That’s a side of her that you’ll never get to see on normal days 😛
OMG..the kid sitting in front of me in the ride was damn cute! And oh , I saw ALOT of cute babies yesterday , I felt like kidnapping them and taking them back home 😀

The awesome bunch and people I love with all my heart ❤

Then , we took a last ride on the Swinger again before bidding farewell to Genting 😦 We had to run back to the cable car cos we were very late already. In the bus , on the way back home , everyone was completely pooped and fell asleep 😛 I had a severe headache that I felt like crying , but I didn’t for some reason. 😉

Reached Terminal Putra , bid goodbye to the bunch and took a cab back home with Kuljeet. So , basically that was it. My first outing of the year with a whole lot of great people and an awesome place 😀 My New Year didn’t start pretty well ( long story and I don’t want to elaborate) , but it’s getting better. I’m a HAPPY BUNNY 😀

Till next post



  1. Wah Wah · January 15, 2011

    That day was loads of fun!!! I still remember the moment in the cable car. We were so scared haha, holding hands & keeping quiet. 😀 anyway, thanks for the happy memories *especially yesterday watching baby videos* 🙂
    hoping we'll have a lasting friendship too ^^

  2. Kalps · January 16, 2011

    Oh yeah!! Let's rock 2011 together with more memories to come 😀

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