My First Working Experience :)

Yeah , don’t be surprised. I worked for the first time in my life in KLCC at The Star Education Fair held on the 8th and 9th of January. I was really excited because I’ve never had the experience of working (yeah , I’m a spoilt brat) . I never knew the feeling of earning my own money.

It was a rather good experience for me. I learned a lot about the “wonders” of being an employee. I must admit that my patience was tested a lot when some of them rudely rejected the flyers that we distributed , but hey , patience is a virtue , right? I did a lot of “people watching” and made a few new friends from SEGi Subang while I was working. And no , I did not curi tulang okay? I worked really hard on both days that my legs were aching like hell! I’m proud of myself that I survived both days and had lotsa fun with my friends too. I’m looking forward to working in the Mid Valley Edcuation Fair next week! Can’t wait!

The pics below were taken after work on the 2nd day. The day I felt like a free bird. I wasn’t worried about getting shit from my parents for being late , I wasn’t scared that I had to take bus all alone , and I felt FREE. It’s a pretty damn good feeling you know. I reached home really late and my parents didn’t even say a word to me. This is the freedom I was talking about! wooohooo!!! After all , it is a good thing when you’re disowned by your family. 😛

Trisha and I

Anyways , rants aside, college officially started last week and I got my results :O Guess what? I PASSED GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY!!!!Okay , my results wasn’t that flattering , but I’m still happy. I promised myself that I’ll work harder this semester and be more serious about things so that I can prove myself to “people” around me. I know I’m way smarter than what I give myself credit for . I just need to push myself a lil’ harder and I’ll rock! I’m happy to know that I have a few friends that are really nice and supportive to me in college. With these people around , I’m sure I’ll be scoring better grades 😀 I thank god for their presence in my life.

Hahahaha…2011 keeps getting better and I hope it’ll stay that way forever 😀

till next post
Have a pleasant weekend everyone 😀

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