Inspiring peple :D

Today , in the bus on the way to college , I witnessed an incident which moved me , emotionally. There bus stopped at a station , and I saw this limping old man(Indian) with walking stick stopping the bus. He had two HUGE luggages with him. I was surprised when the bus stopped and the conductor( Malay) ran to the back door to help that old man 🙂

I’ve seen bus conductors yelling at old people cos they’re slow or some bus drivers that never stops when they see people like this , this is the first time I’m seeing such a thing. I was really surprised when I saw that. There are some people who are so beautifully inspiring.

They might not wear the most expensive clothes , might not have a very polished look or whatsoever , but they have a great heart. It’s for people like this I have respect for. These are the people that have a loving heart that it’s impossible to ignore , the people who define the word “beautiful”.

These are the people I’d like to thank for being a constant reminder of who I want to be , to keep my feet on the ground , to learn to appreciate life and for reminding me that life’s not all about what you get and what you have , it’s all about how you live it.

If you think you’re beautiful , think again 😀

Open your eyes , do some good , make your life extraordinary. I’d like to be an inspiring person in the future 😀 I will , I know I will be one 😀


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