Pain(t) Ball.

Venue: Dusun Ali King, Gombak
Date: 8th April 2011

Yesterday , the whole PSY 232 class went for paintball as a part of our assignment. Thanks to Sean Pang who came up with this idea instead of us going to some boring corporate companies and listen to their “corporate language”. I was so excited mainly because I was going there with my friends 🙂 Seriously , I felt like a ninja wearing the vest and carrying the armer , hiding behind tyres and barrels and shooting the opponents. 😀 Maybe , just maybe , I should consider joining the army? I think I’ve got the potential 😛

It was terribly FUN! Or I shall say painfully fun! We were split into 4 groups and my group was the first to play against group B 😛 And oh , not forgetting to mention that we lost =.=

The second game was fun cos we had a better strategy and we won! lol. And the third game was painful cos I got shot twice! But I loved the pain , it felt as though I’ve achieved something 😀

we are ninjas!
some of us with Ms Aiena 🙂
with the opponents 😀
masked ninja girls..RARWRRRR!!!!

Overall , it was an amazing experience! And we’re definitely going there AGAIN! Can’t wait 😀 Paintball is my new found love 😛

p/s: Been slacking off lately. Time to get started on my assignments and start studying for finals 😦

Till next post 🙂
Have a pleasant weekend everyone 🙂

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