Hello people! *waves*.. I know I know…I deserve to be stabbed with a humongous pitch fork for not updating my blog for too long 😦 My friends have been asking me to update , but I just couldn’t find the time or mood to do it.

Since I am so free today , I decided to give my dead blog an update ( a really long one) on how I spent my semester break 😀

The first activity that I we did was badminton! Hehe 😀 I love playing badminton 🙂 It was really tiring and my muscles were sore after that but it was fun and I was happy 😀

The bunch of us at Subway for lunch after badminton 🙂

On a completely different note , I am sooo loving outdoor activities! I love the nature , I love the greens! Ahahaha 😀

Yesterday , I went to hike Saga Hill with my college mates.

These are the group of people I went hiking up Saga Hill with. I woke up so early yesterday just to make lunch and get ready 😦 Even when I had 8.45am classes , I didn’t have to wake up that early..tsk tsk tsk..Dad dropped me in Jalan Ipoh and I took a bus to college. Met my friends at college. Then a lot of dramas la..some were late , some canceled last minute , yada yada . We reached there approximately around 10.30am.

Saga Hill was really really tough.The first few minutes hiking up was really really tiring. There were many times where I was going to give up. I have to thank Moad and the other boys for waiting behind and stopping every time I stop to give me encouragement to continue walking. There were a few desperate times where he had to push my bag LOL damn funny la thinking bout it now, thanks a lot Thinesh for carrying my bag most of the time ! You’re such a great bro!!!! Love love!!

I never knew my stamina was THAT bad . But I guess it was because we were going uphill. But after that everything got better 🙂 Climbing all the rocks and stuff were AWESOME but extremely EXHAUSTING! It was the best workout EVER! I think it’s equivalent to my one year’s workout 😛

The route was damn challenging and slippery due to the heavy rain the day before. But the experience hiking up and down is definitely something to treasure.

The water falls was sooo cool!I really enjoyed myself there 😀

Moad being retarded :S

The streams, waterfalls and everything there was beautiful, damn I’m falling in love with nature, hiking,and jungle trekking despite the low stamina level that I have.

And here comes the best part. My first ever birthday celebration in a jungle. Well , it wasn’t really a huge celebration , but I was really happy when Alistair and my other friends surprised me with two sinfully delicious red velvet cupcakes. LOL. Moad tried to distract me by crapping , as usual , so I was looking at the water falls and listening to him crap , and when I turned , there they were singing “Happy Birthday ” and Alistair was holding a cupcake with a HUGE candle on it 😀 It was indeed a pleasant surprise. It’s not always I get to celebrate my birthday in the jungle 😀 Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it , it means a lot to me :’)

He told me to eat the cake , and when I brought it near my mouth , he pushed my hand to my face! I got caked..omg! Look at how horrible I look =.=

And thanks to Jason for smearing more cream on my face 😀

Hahahaha I am already too lazy to upload more pics but the pics are all in Facebook already so be my guest and go and have a look at them 🙂

I am so glad that all 21 of us made it through the whole journey hiking up and down of the hill. We made it guys! But never am I going back to Saga Hill again , I think. It was fun and awesome , but too challenging. Maybe , just maybe I might consider going back if I become an expert 😛

I would say it now and I would say it later and forever , I have a really good bunch of college friends and without them, college wouldn’t be as fun. I really saw how strong the friendship bond were during this hike. I feel really happy and lucky to have them in my life. It was truly one hell of an experience that I would cherish till my last breath .

p/s : wait up for more updates. The blogger in me is back! I got my semangat back 😛

Till next post
Have a great day everyone 😀

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