Teambuilding in PD :)

Today is actually a good day. I am not as sick and tired as before, but I do get tired at the end of the day. I just get really hungry all the time though. Today for lunch, I ordered McD just because I was too lazy to cook something.

Anyways , last weekend , I was away at Port Dickson for a team building activity with my fellow ADP Committee members. Team building sounds very formal and complicated though , the reason we went there is to have FUN! Trust me , Mr Raj was saying that he’d “torture” us bla bla bla , but I think it was the other way around =P I had a blast there despite having very little time and space to sleep. I think I had only about 5 hours of sleep during the entire trip :/And we paid so little for 3 days. Only RM50! yayy! LOL!

We stayed in Raqi’s uncles tiny apartment with one room and one bathroom , can you imagine? 13 of us and 1 room? But it was fun la..some of the boys had to sleep on the chair..poor boys 😛 Me being the insomniac I am , didn’t really get to sleep so I was lying awake and did some observations. Found out dirty little secrets about my friends.hahahaha…I’m not gonna say anything here though 😛 Here comes the fun part , we brought 2 bottles of alcohol with us ( I think Chivas) and it’s the first time I drank that much alcohol 😛 The first time I had it was one can of Carlsberg when I was 18..sad case i know 😦 HAHAHA…Thinesh and Alistair were being overly dramatic about me drinking cos they were scared that I might get high and go cuckoo 😛
Guess what , I was steady after having 6 rounds of it hehee 😀 * proud face*

Overall , it was a really great weekend getaway for me and others , I hope. I had sooo much fun and stuffed my face with food all the time 😀 Only one thing that made me sad , Manchester United lost to Barcelona in the Champions League Finals. Alistair , Jason , Susila , Thinesh, Mr Raj and I went to a nearby stall to watch the match together but sadly they lost. I honestly think that they played like idiots on that day , maybe they were stressed , but whatevs , we went till the 😀


The beautiful view from the balcony of the apartment. I was sitting in the balcony for hours staring into space and doing a lot of thinking 🙂
Leo’s awesome photography 🙂
the view in the morning 🙂 Andy , Alistair , Thinesh and I went for a walk and it was so cold and relaxing 😀
When we were at the beach doing some fun activities together 🙂
Planning a movie scene 😛
we buried Mr Raj!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.
The so called castle that we built with our legs and hands tied to each other :S looks more like a tombstone.

peace to your face!
This was taken on the last day where we went to the Teluk Kemang Beach to have lunch and just chill for a bit 🙂 And don’t ask me what’s Thinesh looking at 😛

I was really sad to leave the place cos I was enjoying myself so much , I just love the nature , sunrise , sunset , the beaches , the cold breeze..omg..I wanna go back to PD noww!! 😦 Oh well , face the reality Kalps. 😀 Life in KL is not too bad 😀

Note : Pictures were taken by Leo with his awesome DSLR! Can’t wait to get one for myself. Mom promised! Soon!! YAYYYY!!!

Till next post
Happy June everyone 😀

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