Definition of Life and Success are Personal.

Everyone has a different idea of life and success. Some people’s idea of success revolves around their career while for others it could be spirituality and their social life. Looking back, I’d have to admit that MY idea of life and success has evolved tremendously. I guess it’s because I’ve matured along the way.

What I used to regard as the most important thing in life is fading into the background. Wanna know what it is? MONEY! Yeah , I was once money minded and I thought I’ll only be successful when I have a lot of money :/ But it’s changed now 🙂

Life for me now means living every day the best way I could , trying to be happy and make everyone around me happy and success is when I am doing what I like to do 🙂 I do not dream of being a famous person that the world looks up to , I just want to be happy with whatever I’m gonna do in future..I don’t even have any plans YET. I don’t believe in living a life according to plan. I go with the flow 🙂

The reason I posted this is to let people know that you can’t judge anyone about their life or successes. Everyone’s definition of life and success are personal , no one has the rights to criticize anyone about their life as it’s personal. One man’s meat is another man’s poison 🙂

What’s your definition of life and success? Do share with me 🙂


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