Intercultural Communication Exhibition

Hello people 🙂 I’m sorry for the lack of updates..I’ve been busy..with things…let’s just say , I’ve been living more. HAHA! But I’m having my semester break now , so I’m free to update my blog. Been having so much fun lately 🙂 And yeah stress level were high as well due to final exams :/ But it’s all over now 😀 I’m on holidays for 3 weeks!! WOOOWEEEEE!!!!

On Saturday , the 16th of July , we had a cultural exhibition in college for the subject Intercultural Communication. My group members and I represented the United Kingdom culture. I must admit that it is freaking hard to work in a group of 11! I shall not elaborate more as I don’t want to offend people .

Overall , it was a bitter-sweet experience. I’m just glad that everything went well on that day despite having a few glitches the day before. I learned a lot of lessons while going through the whole process of preparing for the exhibition , that I will value for the rest of my life .

Okay , I’m lazy to elaborate more , have fun looking at the pictures 😀

The best picture of all , just because I got a few compliments 🙂

With the Korean group 🙂
The Punjabis 🙂
Jingu and I
with my 2 bros..Thinesh and Jason ❤ ❤

Anne Boleyn and Charlie Chaplin.

I look like a lecturer here 😛

GO UK!!!
I was pretending to look so sophisticated 😛

I personally think our booth was the best 😀

p/s : There are more pictures on FB , so be my guest and have a look 🙂


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