Fantabulous Friday.

heh..not bad..I’m updating 😛 Friday evening was fun. My friends and I headed over to Hajar’s house in Ampang for her Raya Open House. It was awesome! Most of my friends made it and it was just bizarrely fun to see all of them having a good time eating and talking to each other 🙂 In college on the other hand is a different mood altogether. In college it is a more serious environment where we don’t really meet and everyone is busy with their own thing , so it was nice for a change just to see them as who they are. The food too was great. There was nasi beriyani, lemang, chicken rendang and some cookies as well. It was a great meal! Raya would be nothing without our local, mouth-watering food followed by wonderful company , don’t you think? The boys played some silly games on wii to pass the time. HAHA! After a few rounds of boxing , the guys finally got hungry , so we headed downstairs for a BBQ party. Moad took over as the chef and ended up burning some of the chicken 😛 Nevertheless , it was a good evening spent well with my good friends 🙂

another -________-” moment :S

we had our dinner outside cos the weather was awesome! 😀
oh oh…this cute little boy!! His name is Kye Yve 🙂
stuffing our faces with those cookies 😛
the girls 🙂

we were playing around with the instruments in her house and pretending like we were a rock band or something 😛

group picture 🙂
jump!! Jump!! JUMP!!!

So yeah, that was my long weekend pretty much. 🙂 Time spent with my friends is always enjoyable because I’ve the funniest and FUNNEST friends a girl could ask for 🙂

Till Next Post
Have a great week everyone! 😀

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