True Happiness.

Do you know what true happiness is ? Have you ever felt true happiness? How do you differentiate true happiness and just normal everyday happiness?

For the first time in life , I felt true happiness. Yes , today. Never in my life I have felt this way before. Not when I got good grades in exams , not when I won some competitions in school , not when I got gifts from my parents. This feeling that I felt today is so indescribable.

I felt my true happiness when I wrote down the very last word of the very last sentence for the Malaysian Studies exam knowing that I will never have to face that subject in my life ever again! Well , I will have to if I fail , though I think the possibilities are 0.09% 😛 Hey , I’m optimistic okay?…

Dear lord in heaven , please make me pass this subject as it will be torturous for me to repeat the whole shit over again :/ Anyways , I’m almost done with my exams. Only one more paper left and that’s Effective Listening , which is a piece of cake. Not meaning to sound cocky , but the lecturer gave us focus areas and I have about 4 days to study for it , so I shouldn’t complain right? 🙂

Here’s a very ridiculous picture of me and my friend , Cynthia to end this post on true happiness. 😛

Till next post
Have a great weekend everyone!

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