Meeting the UIU Delegates.

Last Tuesday ( 5th of Dec) , the delegates from Upper Iowa University paid us a visit in Segi KL. We , the committee members of Fayette House of SEGi KL , were given the opportunity to meet them . They had a meeting with the management first before meeting the students.

The meeting with them went..ummm…quite well , I think. Susila ( Ms President) presented a video on the activities that were carried out by Fayette House this year . The delegates , especially Mr Chris Sanders were very impressed and he also requested for a copy of the video to be showed to UIU students back in the US of A 🙂

We were then give the opportunity to ask them questions and they were more than happy to answer our questions. Overall , it was a good hour spent with the delegates and hopefully it will be beneficial for us too.

The delegates 🙂
The ones in the horrible blue t-shirts are the Fayette House committee members 😛
In the conference room.

On a completely different note , I really wish to transfer to UIU to complete my degree. Maybe next year or in my final year. It would be so much better if I could transfer and further my studies there as I can broaden my horizons , experience the world and graduate from a renowned university. I am already doing my research and starting to plan from now on , so that when the time comes , I can just FLY! 😀

That’s all for now. Till next post! 😉

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