We Rocked PD! :)

Yesterday , my friends and I took a road trip down to Port Dickson. We planned for this trip even before finals ended and I’m glad that it happened 🙂 We all met up in college and left about 8.30am and reached PD at 10.30am. We brought along a lot of snacks to munch on! HAHA! As soon as we reached , we all got rather over excited , quickly rented a tent and we did what we’re supposed to do in a beach! 😛 The atmosphere was nice to just relax and that’s what we did. The weather was on our side yesterday. Mr Sun didn’t show up at all and I didn’t get sunburned. It was drizzling on and off , but I wasn’t affected one bit because I love the rain 😀

After a few hours of playing in the beach , we all got hungry and tired so we decided to change and go have lunch. Well , changing clothes was quite a challenge for me as the washroom there didn’t have doors or curtains in the shower area :/ ( We saw things!!) >.< I’m quite conservative when it comes to these things as I don’t really like to change in front of people…call me old fashioned 😛 And the place wasn’t as clean as well..so yeah. I hated that part.

After changing , we chilled on the beach for a while more and drove to a nearby restaurant to have lunch. Seafood lunch 🙂 The food was okay I guess. I’ve had better ones though. But I ate something that I have not eaten in a long time! CLAMS!! Or rather known as LALA to Malaysians. **Not the lalas that we see in Times Square or Bukit Bintang** 😛 It was already raining heavily while we were having our lunch , but we decided to continue our plan on going to Cape Rachado Lighthouse.

We had to pay RM1 for the entrance and while we were paying , one of my friends said ” woohoo..we drove to 2 states today!” . I was wondering , what 2 states..then I saw the Malacca State flag hanging on top of the roof of the guard house. I couldn’t believe that Tanjung Tuan was in Malacca , all these while I thought it was in Negeri Sembilan! So yeah , it was a road trip to 2 states! hehe….ain’t we awesome? 😛 We were drenched by the time we reached the top because the rain got heavier , but that didn’t stop us from camwhoring and having more fun! Man , the scenery was SO beautiful from the top! The view of the sea was just mesmerizing! I could have stayed there all day to just enjoy the beautiful scenery!

It was 5pm when we got down from the lighthouse and we were all in soaking wet clothes but everybody was smiling from ear to ear 🙂 The trip back home was fun too as we were listening to songs and just crapped away in the car . By the end of yesterday , I was completely exhausted but happy =)


chilling =) with Rishab , Jason and Jeronn.
Cynthia and I.
Enjoying my trip..like a BOSS!

Before climbing up the hill to the lighthouse.

Got these plumerias on the way to the top and we decided to take pictures with it 😀


The beautiful view from the top. Worth getting wet in the rain I tell you 🙂

Jason decided to be our sister as well 🙂

It was an amazing trip. I am so glad I talked myself ( and my parents) into going because it was really what I needed badly. It was a great trip, with even greater people…I’ll definitely remember this trip, the things we did and cherish the memories always =)


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