Memories of 2011.

So , 2011 is coming to an end. A New Year is coming….time for resolutions. Or not? We always wait for that day. That time. That moment. 🙂 Every year, the new year brings a brand new feeling of hope that things will be better. That I will, even if it’s just by a little bit, be a better person. That everything is going to be different and it’s going to be a good kind of different (or so I hope).

No, I don’t live in a perfect little world of my own. I know that there’ll be times when I’ll feel I’m six feet under the ground and times where disappointments will surface, making me sink into depression . But I also know I will try my best to overcome all that and be positive about things. Every year I try to change just a little bit and next year is not any different.

2011 , I must say , was one of the best years of my entire 21 years of existence 🙂 I met people who were different. I learnt what tolerance is about. I sat in the shadows and kept an open mind about people. I got used to public transportations. I now have friends I never thought I’d have in a million years. Tried and succeeded at being an obedient daughter. I decided to make friends with my younger sister and try to understand her better. I refused to jump to conclusions and forced myself to keep my opinions in a box. I found out what its like to really try. I confused myself about my future. I became a volunteer. I faced disappointments. I picked myself up. I learnt that it’s not easy to let go and that a part of me will always avoid things. I got to know a few people a lot more and I don’t regret it. Despite all the shit that had happened to me this year , I would still consider 2011 a great year because those things that I faced doesn’t matter anymore. In fact , they don’t make any sense to me anymore. Learned A LOT of eye opening lessons this year that I shall value till the day I die.

Here are a few pictures to summarize this year 🙂

Life turned out to be a lot more bearable because of my friends and family. There are a lot more people I can give credit to for making me smile but you already know who you guys are 🙂 If you’ve made me laugh or smile in the past 12 months, you fall into the category of people I’m grateful to know and have in my life. If you were there hugging me while I bawled or lost it, you fall into the category of people I’ll never forget. You guys totally made my year and I’m forever thankful for that 🙂

Resolutions for 2012? I don’t have any. I don’t make resolutions anymore. I mean , what is the point of making resolutions on New Year’s Eve and forgetting them the very next day? :S Resolutions are measures for improvements. I think I can make them when a certain situation arises along the way.

2012 , I’m more than ready for you ( though there are rumors that the world might end) . Whatever you have in store for me, I’m prepared to take it. I know you’ll throw me surprises and you’ll try to break me but I’ll handle it better than you’d expect me to. I’ll surprise you, I’ll try to make sure of that. And when the year ends I know I’ll look back and say it was a good year. I’m gonna make the best of you, just you wait.

Last words?

BRING IT ON , 2012!

Happy New Year!



  1. Monstar · January 26, 2012

    Great post! you write like a professional haha. But why that picture with my face looking like that, why oh why?

  2. Kalps · February 7, 2012

    Hi Lei Wah! HAHHAH! I just saw your comment 😛 I write like a pofessional only when I am in the mood 😛 And about the picture , it's epic!!! 😀

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