Thaipusam 2012.

Thaipusam , celebrated by all Hindus around the world to celebrate the birth of the Hindu deity ” Muruga” . As for me , Thaipusam is just another day . But this year was different. We ( my friends and I ) had to go to Batu Caves on the eve of Thaipusam to get some videos for our News Reporting project. We spent almost 3 hours there . Some of my friends didn’t want to climb the 272 steps to go to the top of the cave , but I told them that the visit is not complete if we didn’t do so . True right? 😛 Well , to climb 272 steps is not easy , especially for an acrophobic like me 😛
But we did just fine, reached the top , did some observations , I answered my friends questions yada yada. We then started feeling dizzy due to the lack of oxygen in the cave , so we decided to go down. Now , THAT was the real challenge for me. hahaha! The sun was scorching hot , so we decided to leave and go have lunch . After lunch , my friends took a bus back to KL and dad picked me up. Came back home , showered and napped fora good 3 hours 😛 I thought my legas would ache badly after that , but surprisingly , I had no pains or whatsoever. I’m fit! woooweeee! 😛
So , he are some pictures that I stole from my friends , cos I didn’t bring y camera along 😛

Till next post! 🙂

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