Trip to Cameron Highlands.

Hello people! Sorry about the extreme lack of updates. I don’t know what on earth did I do for the past few weeks and boom! it’s already mid March! All I know is I’ve been busy with assignments and stuff till I had no time to update my blog.
And now, I finally get to update on my trip to Cameron Highlands from the 2nd to 4th of March. The trip was awesome! Like SO amazingly AWESOME! 😀 We had to do a project for the subject Anthrpology, so it was like killing two birds with a stone. A vacation and a study trip! It rained all day when we were there but it didn’t stop us from having more fun. We stayed at Marina Home Stay Chalet, mainly because it was affordable and we had to do a project for Anthropology about the people there so we thought staying in a home stay would help us a lot. The owner of the place, Mrs Marina was an old lady. She was really friendly and welcomed us with a short ” lecture” 😛 hahaha!
We spent our first day walking in Tanah Rata town because the taxi drivers there are blood suckers, literally. So we decided we’d just walk around. Believe it or not, we walked all the way from the bus station to the chalet with all our luggage for almost 2km! 😀 It was drizzling that time, but heck, we were travelers! We didn’t care! 😛 My friend Rishab even bought a local map just to get the tourist vibe 😛
While we were walking around, I spotted a local tour package that was priced reasonably compared to the ones that we saw in the bus station..they charge RM70 per HOUR! We decided not to go for it and thank god we came across this tour company where they charged RM70 for the whole day! So, we called up that dude and fixed and appoinment with him for the tour next day.
We had to wake up real early on that day as the tour guide said he would arrive at 8.45am sharp. Before that, Mrs Marina made us breakfast. She’s so nice right? The tour guide arrived with what Moad called a “defender”. And there were another American couple in the jeep as well 🙂 So he took us all the way to Kelantan border to trek a jungle and look for Rafflesia flowers. After trekking, we were brought to some Orang Asli village before having lunch at an Indian shop. Later, he brought us to a strawberry farm, Butterfly Park and Boh Tea Plantation. We managed to interview a few workers there regarding their job and life for the project. We then went back to the chalet, showered and headed out for dinner. The weather was freaking cold as it was raining all the time! We had to layer up!
We then bumped into our tour guide and we booked another short tour with the same company for the next day as we had a lot of time to kill before boarding our bus back to KL. The next day, we met yet another friendly tour guide who took us for breakfast first, then to Cactus Valley, Rose Farm, Honey Bee Farm and also a Buddhist temple. He was really friendly and he was sharing his experiences in Cameron Highlands. And guess what, he’s a Malayalee! He kept speaking to me in Malayalam and I felt a little awkward 😛 Later, he dropped us at a restaurant and we had lunch before leaving to the bus-stop to catch our bus back. Soon, it was time to bid farewell to Cameron Highlands 😦 The thing I missed the most is definitely the weather! Hoping to go there again with my family 🙂 soon!
* I tried uploading pictures from my laptop but it’s taking forever for me to upload, so I gave up* Here are some of the pictures that we took. Others are on FB, so be my guest and have a look 🙂

At the Boh Tea plantation.

This is the “defender”

This is us with a lady from Holland at the Butterfly park.

At the Strawberry Farm

Us in Cactus Valley

The man in blue is the friendly Malayalee guide 😛
Cynthia, Hajar and I at the Buddhist temple.

p/s : Cameron Highland is truly a beautiful place with an awesome weather and amazingly beautiful scenery!

p/p/s: Listening to songs on my laptop and just surfing the net, I am once again finding myself daydreaming about everything that has been going on. 🙂


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