EAP Malaysia’s Annual Walk For Autism.

Hello everyone! šŸ™‚ *let’ just ignore the fact that I’ve been MIA for too long* hehehehehehe…In my defense, I’ve been busy doing my never ending assignments! I know I’ve had a pretty laid back semester with only one final exam to sit for and other 4 subjects are based on course works. But we had to do assignments every week and that’s not awesome. So yeah, that’s my excuse for not updating my blog since god knows when. Just when I thought my social life is about to shut down, my friend told me about this event, EAP Malaysia’s Annual Walk for Autism. Held on the 28th of April 2012, this Walk for Autism is an event that was organized to increase awareness on autism in Malaysia.Without giving it a second thought, I agreed to join..though I was low on cash at that time because it was the end of the month..duhh šŸ˜›

Although the BERSIH3.0 rally was also happening on the same day as the Walk for Autism, it didn’t stop us from joining this walk. Yes, we’re gutsy people like that! Apparently, about 300 people turned up for the event in Bangkung Park, Jalan Jejawi, Bangsar. We were told to be there as early as 7.30am and the event started sharp at 8.30am.

EAP Malaysia director Jochebed Isaacs said the walk represented the statement that even when everything was progressing so fast globally, people still took time out of their busy lives to show that they want to make a difference, to be a voice for the children and people with autism. She also added that autism has been declared as a pandemic in the United States and soon, each and every one of us will know someone who is suffering from autism, be it family members or friends. Scary, no? She then explained about the symptoms and signs of autism and how to be aware of it. After that, everyone did a few quick warm up and stretches before beginning to walk for about 5km around Bangsar.

There were a lot of booths set up around the park selling food and beverages, fund-raising booths and Autism Awareness booths that also displayed the beautiful works of art by some of the autistic children. Besides that, there was also a Milo truck outside the park that was providing free flow of iced milo to the participants. There was also this live band called Tony Leo and Guys ( or something like that) that amused the crowd with some good music.

Alright, I think I wrote too much.hahahaha…gave you almost all the details about the event. You see, going into details is SO my thing! šŸ˜€ Fret not, I shall stop right here and let you view the snippets from the remarkable event! šŸ™‚

My friends and I smiling away as we listen to the speech given by EAP’s Director. And I think we were a little starstruck! šŸ˜›

One of the fund-raising booths that was set up in the park.

Us, doing the girl thing before the event started šŸ˜›
From left: Shinie, Cynthia, Me and Lei Wah

Cynthia, Me, Lei Wah

Cynthia, Hajar and I

The crowd šŸ˜€

Posing after the walk. We were still hyper after the 5km walk. That’s a miracle!

Aaaaand!!! *drum rolls* ASHA GILL! The emcee for the event! Now you know why we looked so happy and starstruck in the first picture šŸ˜›

Group picture at the end of the event. Can you spot my friends and I?
By 11.30am, the event came to a close and my friends and I left the park for Bangsar Village to do a bit of jalan-jalan and makan-makan. The little girly session we had after that was fun too! We had lunch at Nando’s and walked around BV1 and BV2. It was a great Saturday and the walk was definitely a walk to remember! šŸ™‚


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