Getting Closer!

So, whaddup? It’s been ummm….almost 2 months since I last updated this blog? And the reason( excuse) is obviously because I was crazy busy! Tonight, I’m updating just because I need some distractions. Haven’t been in a good mood all day long so I just need to do something to avoid bawling my eyes out!

The torturous Summer ’12 semester has come to an end and I’m more than happy about it. Mainly because short semesters are very hectic and we’re all in a mad rush to complete all those assignments in just 6 weeks!! So glad that it’s over and I actually can’t wait for the Fall ’12 semester. Of course, you’d hear me complain about all the workload I have later, but heck, I’m getting closer to graduating! That’s all I want right now πŸ˜€

Oh oh, I just sat for my IELTS exam yesterday and has the speaking test today. Everything went well, except for that much hated reading part. I feel so dumb for saying this but I’m NEVER good at reading and answering the questions because I get bored and distracted easily, so that’s a challenge for me. Hopefully I’ll get the minimum required grade and I’ll be happy! Results will be out on the 3rd of August. *bites nails*

Hmm…that’s all I hae to say for now. Wait up for more updates. I’m on a break till my exam on the 10th of August, so hopefully I’ll have the time to update more often. πŸ˜€

Till then


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