Good Things/Bad Things

Bad things that have happened lately:

1. I’ve been really sick of people
2. I’ve been pretty sick of myself
3. It’s rained almost everyday (can’t decide if it’s good or bad)
4. My hair is a disaster now
5. I want so many things but I can’t afford them
6. My bank balance is in the negatives

Good things that have happened lately

1. I got a new book to read
2. I’ve been getting enough rest at home
3. I’ve been sleeping more regularly
4. I discovered a new pasta recipe (again, I can’t decide if that’s good /bad)
5. Ramadhan is here
6. I tidied up my study table and organized my notes
7. I cleaned and organised my wardrobe
8. Money is money is money and I don’t care about it (too much)
9. The rain will hopefully clear up the haze and improve my allergies (my eyes have been itchy and red all week long)
10. I am still alive

I love when good things outnumber bad things. I love making lists like this, because it really puts life in perspective.It teaches me to be grateful for the little things, and for the big things, and everything else is just white noise.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead.


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