do it now

This is an old story. Never shared it with anyone. To say that not a day goes by when I don’t think of it is true.

A few months back, on a rainy day when I was rushing to the LRT station after class, I saw a woman looking very distraught standing near the entrance of the train station with her son. He was on a wheelchair. He looked really sick with blue black marks and his hands and legs were abnormally bent. There was a note attached to the handle of his wheelchair saying that the boy had a problem with his kidney and he needs to undergo a surgery soon and it would cost them a large amount of money (I can’t remember the exact amount).

I felt sorry for the boy who was in pain and his mother who was looking forward to the courtesy of the public to help them. I thought I’d donate some money to them. I opened my purse and I saw a RM10 note. With much hesitation, I walked away thinking if I gave the the money I won’t have enough money for the next day. I was being practical, or so I thought.

Mind you, it was the end of the month that time and I was broke as a joke, so I thought when I get my allowance the next day, I’ll go and donate a small amount of money to them.

The next day I happily walked back to the station wanting to give them some money, but they were not there. I even walked around the train station to see if they have relocated to another place, but to no avail.

Unfortunately, I never saw them again. I felt so awful. The guilt killed me. My friend said it’s the thought that counts. He said it’s good enough that I thought to help them, but I’m not satisfied. Good thoughts alone are not enough, it’s the action that counts. I just hope the boy is fine.

The conclusion is, if you plan to do something good, do it RIGHT AWAY! Or be prepared to regret like me.

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