Fun In The Forest

It was a Sunday, I had to wake up as early as 6.30am. It was torturous. I mean, who wakes up at that time on a weekend?! I had to do so, for the sake of 20 marks, for my Social Psychology assignment.Yup, I chose to have that moment of exhilaration over my beauty sleep. I had no choice but to swallow my mumbles and grumbles and move my butt to the college. I reached college about 7.30am and I had butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t help but to think about the challenges that I was about to face. I was really scared. 

Reached there in about an hour and we were split into groups. Thank god my friends and I were all in the same group. It made me feel a lot better. haha. Then we got into a small bus(?) that brought us up the hill to the Skytrex Adventure Park. I was feeling really excited and nervous at the same time and I told myself, I’m not the only one who was feeling that way. Shaun was even more scared than I was and that kinda made me feel a lot better 😛 

The first thing they did was to split the big groups into 2 smaller groups for a small team building activity. The activities tested our patience, but overall, it was good. After that it was the time to face the real thing. The reason why we were there. Before the facilitators began to brief us about the safety rules and regulations, we were given the safety harnesses and gloves to wear and they told us to go to toilet before the activity starts and try not to pee on the trees because it is not nice to be seen by others. I felt like a rempit wearing those gloves and it was an ugly sight to see the boys wearing the harness. ok, I digress. Anyways, we were then lead to the “practice” obstacle course for some briefings and each one of us had to pass the testing challenge before we can proceed to the real thing!

Lucky for our group, we got to do the Big Thrill Challenge.This big thrill circuit consisted of 26 thrilling challenges with various level of difficulty raging from extremely easy to extremely difficult. With some of the platforms reaching the height of 17 meters, I definitely felt the adrenaline while climbing up to the first obstacle course and also crossing the “Crazy Zig-Zag”. For an acrophobic, I did pretty darn well *insert proud face* When I reached the top, I walked across the net, walked the plank and I finally reached the crazy zig zag part and I thought ””. I was up there and there was no turning back and if I did, I would have been the clown of the day, so I told myself, I can do this and if I quit, people would laugh at me. My heart was thumping right outta my rib cage. But I managed – finally.The thought of being embarrassed was my motivation throughout the challenge 😛 The flying fox was my favourite challenge, I was scared but it was the easier because all you have to do is smile and pretend like you’re a champ at it and just flyyyy! aha! 

When I reached to the finishing platform, I met another group that was about to attempt the challenge. I told them it was fun as I did not want to freak them out with the scary stories. Such a good person, I am. When it was all over, I was completely exhausted and drenched in sweat. There was so much climbing, swinging, balancing and gliding throughout the entire track. I developed some muscles on my arms and legs, I swear! After that we had lunch and were relaxing on the Skydeck before I started getting bored. We still had a few more hours to kill while waiting for the others to complete their challenges, so my friends and I decided to rent bicycles to ride around the park. That was fun too. It was difficult to ride uphill but so much fun riding downhill. I’ve missed cycling so much, so I went a little hyper on that day. 

These are the few snippets taken on that day, involving my group and I 😀 

After about 7 hours of adventures and things that I never thought I would attempt in my entire life, it was time to go back. I must say, these challenges really pushed my limits and tested my phobia, will-power and my skills of defying gravity lol! Overall, it was a great experience and I would love to go there again! 😀 

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