ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program

OMG…haven’t been in here for ages! Geez…such a lazy person I am *pfft* Anyways, here I am now, with updates about something exciting that happened in my life recently. 
I participated in the ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program that was organized but our Ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with Malaysian Youth Council. So, what is this program all about? 
The ASEAN-India Students Exchange Program was envisioned by the Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh, in 2007 as a familiarization tool to build greater cultural and economic understanding between the two dynamic regions of Asia. Three such visits have already been held successfully, jointly conducted by the Ministry of External Affairs, India, and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The tours have included historical, cultural, leadership and economic components, enabling ASEAN students to learn more about the modern vibrant India.
It all happened too fast that it felt so surreal when I  actually went to the Pre-departure briefing. I was like “ is this really happening?” Well, after getting my head around the fact that it IS really happening, I was so worried thinking that I would never make friends because I’m socially awkward like that. But that too went well. I made friends so easily and by the time we got into the flight in KLIA, we already started making fun of each other 🙂 
I’ve lots of stories to share from my trip to Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra and New Delhi. I shall split them into a few blog posts to ensure that I don’t bore anyone with my long stories. So watch this space if you actually want to know more about my experiences there. 

P/S: I do have a great life (especially because of the people in it) and I shouldn’t take it for granted so often 🙂


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