ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program (Day 3)

Day 3: 12th December ( Wednesday) – Mumbai

We were told to be up as early as 7am and have our breakfast before 8am as the bus would be there sharp at 8 to take us to places.

That’s us at the hotel, having our breakfast. 

The first place that we went to was the Bombay Stock Exchange. For those of you who know me well, I’m quite an illiterate when it comes to economics and yada yada thing that is related to stock exchange. Oh well, I thought I’d be bored throughout the visit. I was so wrong. I was suddenly so interested to know about these things that I’ve never heard of. Although I was so blur throughout the conference, I managed not to fall asleep and absorbed some fun facts here and there *pats head* 😛 

Group picture with Mr Rakesh, representative and speaker from the BSE.

We then left BSE for the Export-Import Bank of India for a meeting session with the managers there. At EXIM Bank, we were exposed to India’s trading system and we were also enlightened about the trade industry in India. They kept the conference short and simple and I liked that very much! 😛 

Group picture with the managers of EXIM Bank, Mumbai
It was time for lunch after that. Our lunch that day was sponsored by the EXIM Bank. I really appreciate them for providing us with the best lunch experience in India. That place deserves a place of it’s own. Shall blog about it in my next post. 

After lunch, we left for the hotel as the officials from Zee Entertainment would be coming to our hotel to give us a talk. We were running late due to the crazy traffic everywhere. The meeting session with managers from Zee was fun as well. They explained a lot about their growth over the past 20 years and their plans to expand their network to the SEA region soon. 

Group picture again, at the hotel.

Then it was time for dinner. We went back to our respective rooms, showered, got changed and came down for dinner. After dinner, there was this meet and greet session because we didn’t know most people there and it was time for more pictures! 😀 

Soon, it was time to hit the sack as another busy day awaits. Toodles! 

To be continued…..

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