ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program (Day 4)

Day 4: Mumbai. Wednesday, 13 December 2012

Rise and shine people!! Our busy days in Mumbai continued as we woke up at 7am again as we had to visit more companies on that day. To be very honest, I wasn’t really excited because I didn’t like the idea of having conferences plus I was still jet lagged, tired and sleepy. Oh well, did I have a choice? NO! So I just had to suck it up, have a super yummy breakfast and just be “excited”.

Day 2 breakfast at the Red Zen, Marriott Hotel Mumbai. 

The first company we visted on that day was Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. During the meeting, I got an insight of what really goes on in the pharmaceuticals industry and discovered that it’s the fastest growing market in the universe. It’s really surprising, no? Despite feeling so sleepy, I managed to focus throughout the talk as it was very interesting and simple and the speaker did not use complicated business terms, so yeah. It was indeed a nice start to my day. At the end of the talk, we got a chance to personally meet the man who founded Elder Pharmaceuticals. A 75 year old man with the spirit of a 21 year old I’d say. We spoke to him, asked a few questions and he was more than happy to answer our questions 🙂 A little secret about me. I personally love to talk to old people. They have so much to share and I can’t help but to be inspired by their stories, be it a huge achievement or a small childhood story of theirs. 

The Malaysian delegetaion with Mr Jagdish Saxena, founder of Elder Pharmaceuticals

The next stop was  Aptech Computer Education, a global retail and corporate training company. The talk there was too out of my league so I just snoozed off and I’m not proud of it haha. It was all about gaming, web designing yada yada…things I have zero knowledge about -_- The only highlight was on the way to this company, we passed by YASH RAJ FILMS !!!!! OMG! I was so excited in the bus and looked around hoping for someone else to be excited as well..umm..let’s just say..I was the only jakun there :/ I had this evil plan in my mind to just sneak out and go visit Yash Raj films. That is so my thing. I love their movies! Of course, I did it, NOT. 

Group picture with the Lao PDR and Indonesia delegations

I was so glad that the talk was over in less than 30 minutes 😛 

Moving on, we went to a place that everyone loved. It was my thing to do. It was a place that I’ve been dying to go to. Any guesses? Guys, we..went…to..BOLLYWOOD or rather known as Film City to the locals. 😀 I was super excited on the way there. I met Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor. They were all there, filming for their movies! I took a picture with SRK! I hugged Arjun Rampal OMG!!! all happened in my perfect little daydream I had on the way there. Pfft! A girl can dream, no? Sadly, none of the stars were there and Shahrukh Khan was in Malaysia that time -_- Boo! We took a tour around the complex before we were brought to a film school that is owned by the famous director Mr Subash Ghai. It’s called the Whistling Woods International which is located in the film city complex. We were split into groups and we went for a small tour around the school to see how things work there. Quite impressive I must say. They had their own cinema, Dolby Digital Sound mixing studio and their own movie sets in the school! Like wow! We were then lead to the auditorium where one of the teachers in the school gave us an insight on what happens in the school everyday. He said something really interesting and I second his statement.

  “There are only two things that can bring Indians together. One is cricket and the other is Bollywood movies” 

In his speech, he explained so well on why Bollywood movies consist of so many genres in a single movie and I respect him for that. He said look at movies as movies, do not try to look for logic in it or you won’t enjoy it. True that. It was already too late when he ended his speech and we had to rush to one more place after that. A place that got the girls in the mood 😛 Shopping! 

I don;t know why I look like that in the picture :/

They brought us to shop in a very posh mall, the Oberoi Mall. For your information, it is not owned by Vivek Oberoi if you are curious. At that time, I was really craving for Milo and I saw Starbucks at the entrance of the mall and I was so overjoyed. hahaha…Bought their Chocolate Java Chip drink and it was..umm..quite different from what we get here in Malaysia. It was quite bitter and not even close to milo, but hey..something is better than nothing 😛 I didn’t spend much money there..just bought a few cosmetics cos they were CHEAP! 
The exterior of Oberoi Mall. 


We left the mall about 8pm and reached the hotel about 30 minutes later. We had our dinner first before going up to our rooms and pack to catch our early morning flight to Jaipur! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep that night, hahahaha..

More stories on Jaipur in the next post….

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