ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program (Day 5)

Day 5: Friday, 14 December 2012

We had to wake up extremely early that day to catch our 5.40am flight to Jaipur. Me, being the excited person I am, didn’t sleep at all that night. I spent my time packing, eating and making few new friends that night 😉 We had to be at the lobby with our luggage at 2.30am to ensure that no is late. I was so hyper still haha because I was finally going to set foot in my favourite state in India! 

When people are sleepy, they just sleep!

 The strong ones who remained awake 😛 

Soon it was time to leave Mumbai. I was sad for one reason. Sad to leave the coordinators behind. Ms Jayashri and Mr Pankaj were amazing and they took care of us like their own children. I was close to tears when Ms Jayashri cried! She said we were the best group ever! I love her so much and I miss her more now!
Bye Bye Mumbai! 

Reached the airport shortly after, did all the check-in, security and all those annoying things that you have to go through at the airport and finally we boarded the plane. Indigo Airlines is very similar to our Air Asia. Food was not so good and the seats were uncomfortable, but thank God it was just a 2 hours journey. I slept all the way to Jaipur and by the time we reached, the sun was out and the chilly air or Jaipur welcomed us 😀 I was so happy to be there and the cold weather was like a bonus. 
Inside the Indigo Airlines

Touched down in Jaipur, collected our luggage and went to meet our coordinators there who were waiting for us outside the lobby. Of course there were some delays because of some petty things here and there. We finally managed to reach Marriott Jaipur at the right time for breakfast. We were there early and they couldn’t provide enough rooms for us till 12pm, so we had to share 5 rooms among us, the Malaysian delegation. Just when I thought they’d give us the day off to rest and catch up on some sleep (I had great ideas in mind), Ms Alina ( our head of delegation) came to us with a new itinerary and told us that we had a program planned for us on that very day. Everyone was mumbling and grumbling and most of them were cranky already due to lack of sleep the night before. Again, we didn’t have a choice but to follow the instructions given. 

So after breakfast and a short power nap, we had to go down for lunch before we left for our first visit in Jaipur. The buffet spread in Marriott Jaipur was the best. They had more items to choose from and the desserts were heavenly! I stuffed myself there like a oink oink hahah

We visited the Arya College of Engineering and IT for an interactive meet and greet session with their students. Besides that, we were given a brief introduction of the Indian education system and representatives from each country in our group had to go up to the stage and explain the education system in our respective countries. The professors of that college gave some speeches and we were taken for a college tour after that. Trust me, engineering and IT is so not my thing, but I tried to pay attention to what my chaperon, Aditya ( student from the college) were saying to me about their college, labs, projects and the equipment they use. One interesting fact about the college is that there’s a temple located in the campus. Prayers are conducted there every morning and students can go and pray before they go for classes. Interesting. 

The temple inside the college campus

After the tour and interactive session, we were treated to some snacks there before we bid farewell to them. 

Fadh and Matrix with my chaperon, Aditya

Group picture on the stage with the emcee of the day

By the way, it gets dark early in India. By the time it turns 7, everything’s pitch dark there haha and it gets colder at night, which is what I love about Jaipur 😛 We left for the hotel, got our room keys upon reaching, had dinner and went up to our rooms to get some sleep. It was a good day. Hectic and tiresome but good 🙂

To be continued…

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