ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program (Day 6)

Day 6: Saturday, 15 December 2012 (Jaipur)

We all got our much needed sleep and rest the night before and I was so wide awake in the morning, excited to explore more of Jaipur. After helping myself to some tasty American cum Indian breakfast, we all gathered at the lobby before boarding the bus to out first stop of the day. We visited the CeraGlass Exhibition, which is apparently a huge annual event and felt very privileged to be at the opening ceremony of the event. We saw the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and some other big shots too haha. I must admit that I fell asleep during the speeches, but I was so excited to go and shop in the exhibition later. I spent almost Rs 2000 just for bangles and accessories because they were so pretty! Couldn’t resist the temptation. And also, it was my first time ever bargaining for something. I’m usually very scared to bargain for anything, so I’ll just accept whatever price people offer me and walk away like a loser. Sad, I know. I was so proud of myself that I bargained and got the price that I asked for hahaha *insert proud face* 😛

The exhibition was fun overall. We were treated to some local Rajasthani dances and got to see how some of the accessories and the ceramic sculptures were made. I was so happy and satisfied with my buys there.

Then it was time for us to leave for our second destination of the day, Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. Genus Power Infrastructures Limited (Genus), an ISO9001:2008 certified company is an integral part of the $350 million Kailash Group. The company primary deals in manufacturing and distribution of Electronic Energy Meters, Metering Solutions, Power Distribution and Management projects, Inverters, Home UPS, Online UPS, Solar Hybrid Inverters, Batteries and Hybrid Microcircuits across India and globally. We were taken for a tour around their factory and unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures there. We got an insight of their products and services, how they are made, and the uses of their products in the market. It was quite long for my liking, so by the end of that visit, I was so sleepy and cranky :/
After that, we were taken to some Rajasthan Tourism Emporium to get some shopping done, but I wasn’t interested. But I still managed to grab a few things there and also at another shop they brought us to. I lost track of the total damage done to my wallet on that day. hahaha!

After satisfying the hunger for clothes and accessories, we were all hungry for some food! We were brought to an ethnic 5-star Village Resort called Choki Dhani for dinner. Let me tell you, it was a lifetime dining experience! Embedded with the richness and variety of Rajasthani culture is Kotri the Lobby, the first place we saw there. It brings a churn of the ethnicity that lies in Rajasthan, mud plastered walls, paintings, murals, beautifully carved furniture and artifacts.The whole resort was built to bring the concept of a Rajasthani village to the city. Brilliant idea I’d say. Not only the ambiance is great, but the food they served were out of this world.  The whole village is decorated with real life sounds, light, dance, food, elephants, camels, bullocks. It gives a real feeling of a typical Rajashani village. The dinner the best part of it. One must relish it, its really amazing. A must-go place in Jaipur.

I went on a camel for the first time and it was scarily fun. knees were shaking when I got down 😛 We even watched a live traditional magic show, just like what I used to see in movies. 

All in all, Choki Dhani has a very special place in my heart now. I enjoyed every bit of my evening there. I don’t mind paying the dancers, magicians etc there because they did a good job in entertaining us, so why not? 🙂 

After spending I don’t know how long in Choki Dhani, we left for our hotel and got some rest to wake up to another super exciting day. I slept with a smile on my face, happy with the food I ate and the things I bought 😛  It was a Sunday the next day and I was pretty sure that they will not take us for company visits…. 

to be continued….

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