ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program (Day 8)

Monday, 17 December 2012 (Jaipur – Delhi)

I woke up that morning with a very heavy heart. I did not want to leave Jaipur and I would have chosen to stay there if I had a choice. Oh well, I had to follow the pack. So after having a super filling breakfast, paying off my laundry bill and checking out of the hotel, we boarded the bus that was chartered to take us to Delhi. We were told that the trip would take us at least 6 hours. I was quite excited for the road trip though I ended up sleeping throughout the journey. The bus was freezing and so was the weather outside. 

We reached Delhi about 3.30pm, later than the predicted time because we took long toilets breaks in the RnR. Don’t blame us, blame the weather hahahah 😛 Not forgetting to mention that the bus driver did not know the exact location of the hotel, so we wasted a little bit of time there as well. Reached the hotel and they took forever to give us our room keys. To my horror, we were told to be ready in 30 minutes (eat+clean up) and get down to the lobby as they were taking us to do some shopping. I have never felt that uninspired in my life for shopping before. I was all icky and tired and the last thing I wanted to do was shop! But then again, I tried to be excited. 

Oh yeah, we met up with the other teams from the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar,  Brunei, Cambodia and Thailand and started making more new friends. It was amazing! 

They took us to Dilli Haat, a very famous shopping spot for tourists in Delhi. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of that place because we were all so tired to take pictures, but we sure had the energy to shop till we dropped. haha…I damn right shopped till I dropped and I bargained like a true champ as well 😛 

Then we left for the hotel, the weather got colder and I kinda loved it. Reached the hotel, had our dinner and went back to our rooms to get our beauty sleep and it was a road trip to TAJ MAHAL the next dayyyy!!! *shrieks*

Here are some snippets of my hotel room and the view from my room in Delhi 🙂

Delhi was more like KL. High-raised buildings, classy condominiums everywhere, posh malls and offices, crazy peak hour traffics and one of their train stations looked very similar to KL Sentral hahah.  I really felt like I was back in KL…till I saw men peeing by the roadside. Then reality hit me…Nope..I’m still in India, I thought 😛 

to be continued..

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