ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program (Day 10)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012  (Delhi)

That morning, everyone of us suffered from the Taj Mahal Withdrawal Syndrome. None of us wanted to wake up and get ready for the programs that were arranged for us that day. I was excited though, when I found out that they were taking us to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi Campus. For those who watch Tamil/ Hindi movies, you know the amazing reputation of the college, no? I have to admit that I felt quite intimidated when we met the students from the college. They are the best of the best in India, like wow! And most of them were way younger than us, so yeah…Their principal, who is a Harvard graduate gave us a speech and we had a Q&A session with him about the Indian education system. We were taken for a campus tour after that. The campus was HUGE and they had peacocks wandering everywhere. How cool! 

I’m sorry for the lack of pictures because our photographer hasn’t uploaded all the pictures on Facebook yet. I’ll edit the posts when I get the pictures the soonest. 

Moving on, we later went to the Radisson Blue Hotel which is located right behind the hotel we stayed in for a session with a famous economist in India. For some reason, I can’t really remember what took place there. All I know is they served the best tea and indian biscuits there HAHA! After the talk, we went back to the hotel to prepare for out Gala Dinner that night. We, Malaysians planned to present a choral speaking. And guess what, people loved it. Some even came to us personally to compliment our performance. The best part is we only practiced for about an hour max! *proud face* I was very proud of us, that we managed to pull it off without screwing up 🙂 

We were all wearing our traditional attires for the poolside dinner. The weather was 9 degrees that night. We were all freezing and I caught a cold that night *sniff* Most of us couldn’t take the weather so we rushed to eat after the performance and ran to our rooms to change and layer up! 

Overall, it was a fun night and we all went to bed happily knowing that we made ourselves proud 🙂 I swallowed some medicines and slept like a baby that night. 

to be continued…

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