Last Day In India. So Long, Farewell!

The end of my 12 days stay in India. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy to have met such awesome people and gained invaluable experiences there. Sad to leave all of them. Goodbyes always suck. I hate to say goodbye, but that’s part and parcel of life. Some cried when we left, some were just waving. I didn’t want to leave of course, but I had to. *insert Auld Lang Syne* Went to the airport together with the delegations from Laos and Brunei. It didn’t feel that bad after all because they were also leaving the same time as us, leaving delegations from the Philippines and Indonesia back at the hotel.
 Checked in our luggages as soon as we reached the airport, underwent security check yada yada..We took the opportunity to take pictures with the other delegates before we bid farewell to them 😥 Heartbreaking moment. 
Since we were early at the airport, we had some time to walk around and get some shopping done. You know what they say about duty free shopping. Everything’s cheap but expensive (if that makes sense to you). I bought a top at the airport because it was so pretty and I wanted to finish the rupees I had 😛 Seems like a good excuse, no? 
We boarded our flight right on time and reached Malaysia at about 8.30pm. I was so excited to come home and be united with my family again hehe 😛 I missed my family so much though I was away for only about 13 days! 
One last picture before we parted 🙂 
Checked out and cleared our bags *and all the crap they make you do* before we finally got to meet our families. I wasn’t really sad to part because I know that most of us live in KL and we’d definitely meet again soon, so it was a sweet goodbye.
It was a good trip overall. Learnt so many lessons along the way, visitied some of the best places in India (for free) and made so many new friends. Can my year end get any more perfect? I think not. To all my fellow Malaysians and new friends that I’ve made, thank you so much for the wonderful time and memories we shared.It was wonderful getting to know you all. I definitely am grateful to have met all of you and I would cherish it always and forever 🙂 I find it so amusing how I’ve gained a number of friends from all over the SEA region in just 13 days! Till we meet again 🙂 





GAHHHH!!! Typing this post really made me miss all the great times I had there! It’s amazing how this one trip changed my life. I now have friends from all over the SEA region. I’ve gained a lot of useful information from them. I’m definitely more knowledgeable now haha! Certainly, I’m hoping for another trip like this in the near future. To the person who made it all happen and my dad, thank you so much. I’m forever grateful for this =) 

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