Cry Baby, anyone?

I was listening to my iPod Shuffle on the way to college sometime last week. 
It’s a routine for me to distract myself form the deafening sound of the bus engine.
 I enjoy being distracted by music and day dreaming all the way from home to college, it’s fun! 
As I was searching for a nice song to listen, Seasons in The Sun by Westlife suddenly came up.
 It reminded me of farewells and how people always cry during farewells. Weirdly, I don’t! 
Of course, I do feel sad to say goodbye and all, but I don’t cry. More like I can’t!
It’s like my tears are so stubborn to come out! There were pathetic times where I forced myself to cry by thinking about depressing stuffs. I was depressed, but the tears just won’t come out! 
I can’t tell if it’s a gift or curse!
But wait, do not conclude anything just yet. 
I do cry. Wanna know when?
When I’m superbly mad at someone. I don’t say anything to that particular person, I just cry.
It’s worse when I try to confront or express my anger. I just end up crying and sobbing like a loser. 
I would like to consider this as a curse. 
Tears just flow like waterfalls when I’m angry! hmph!
I swear, it’s my worse nightmare. 

I once read something on Twitter. “A Taurus female has an undefeatable emotional strength you think she’s cold because she rarely sheds a tear… She’s a rock.”
This is a 50/50 statement I’d say. 

How about you? Do you cry for farewells? Or are you a loser like me who cries when you’re angry? 

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