Last Thursday after class, my friends and I went to KFC nearby Puduraya for lunch. When I walked in, I saw this really odd looking employee having his lunch. He saw us coming in. We made eye contacts and that’s about it. His face was neutral and so was mine.  So after the short, tough decision-making session on what to eat, we finally decided to order and settled at a spot. By then, the employee was done with his lunch and proceeded with his work. 
And then, a mishap happened. Moad accidentally spilled his drink all over the table, so we had to move to another spot. He felt bad about it and went to the employee we saw just now to ask for a cloth so that we can clean it up. To my surprise, he started showing signs to Moad. He’s deaf and dumb. He told (showed?) us to move to another table and he even went to the counter to get Moad another cup of drink and  refused to take money from Moad. Of course, he still paid for it and we sat down to eat. 
What moved me was that although he’s impaired like that, he had such a white heart. He was kind enough to clean for us without showing faces ( trust me.. I’ve come across employees like that) and even got Moad another drink. 
I wish I smiled at him when I walked into the restaurant. I wish I said hi to him. I thought to myself: The underprivileged are the ones with the bigger hearts. So true.  The next time you walk into a restaurant, be sure to put on a smile. It’s very cheap. For all you know, the workers might be someone who is really nice and smiling to them is the least you can do to make their day better. But if they’re not rude, be sure to show ’em your darker side haha..I joke! 


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