where to from here?

Since I’m getting closer to graduating, people keep asking me what are my plans after that. I used to think I’ve everything sorted out, but I still struggle to answer them. I am not even sure what I want to do anymore. 

Masters? Work first then Masters? Join the government and become a diplomat? Journalist, maybe? GAHHH! How do people even do it, this decision-making stuff?! 

I’m pretty sure though that I won’t be joining the government right away. I know it would be easy and all for me, since my dad works for them BUT the aftermath of the GE 13 completely changed my mind and perception on things. 

And as for me, I’m a dreamer. I dream of being someone someday. I want to be known for something that I love to do. And I love to travel. My friend said I should be a travel journalist. That would be my dream job 😀

In the midst of all these confusion, a dear friend of mine said I should go and intern in different organizations for a few months before I settle for a real job, just so I find out where my passion lies. I’m the kind of person who hates the 9-5 job, stare-at-the-computer-all-day-long-and-go-home-and-die-on-bed is not my thing and I get bored easily haha. Corporate world is a BIG no-no for me. 

Let’s see how things goes after graduation. For now, let me enjoy the final few months of being a student. I know I’ll miss my college days when I’m finally done. 

This is the picture of my life right now 😛 

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