blue monday

Yesterday, I experienced the worst Monday blues I’ve had in a while. So severe, I slept the whole day to make myself feel better. You know, sometimes you gotta choose to lie on the couch and feel sorry for yourself. (now all you optimists my-life-is-good-don’t-worry-be-happy-kinda hypocrites, you may choose to exit this page haha) 

The reason? There is no reason on why I felt so, really. I just woke up in the morning feeling like crap and I didn’t feel like seeing anybody on that day. AND not forgetting Manchester United lost to Manchester City on Sunday, so that added to my despair. I wish I can understand this whole rocket-science of human emotion. I’ve been trying to analyze myself so much but I still can’t find an answer on why I feel this way..sigh..who said being a psychologist is easy?! 

Despite all that crap I’ve been feeling, I tried to make myself feel better about things hence I downloaded app from the Google Play store to countdown the remaining days of my college life. 75 days to go. 75 days of roller-coaster ride. I can do this, I thought. I KNOW I can do this. Somehow I felt better looking at the number. The next 75 days are going to be worth enduring when I finally graduate. 
I think it’s perfectly fine for us, as human beings to feel like we’re six feet under the ground at a point, because after all, we’re humans. It’s OKAY to be down, but just make sure to pick yourself up as soon as possible and do not dwell on something for too long. 🙂 It took me a roti pisang and a glass of iced Milo to get back to myself. For now, I just gotta complete all my pending works so that I could ease the burden that’s in my mind. 

Till next post

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