take it one day at a time

It’s tough being at such an important intersection in my life. Have I ever mentioned that I hate making decisions? Why, you may ask? Easy. That’s because I suck at it. 

Solution? To stop thinking about things that I’ve no control over. Example: MY FUTURE. WOW. The future sounds so bizarre. I have tried analyzing my future from different points of views. Trust me, it was all pointless. Never will I do that again. Trying to determine how my future looks like. It’s really exhausting, I tell you. 

There are things that are always going to be uncertain in life. I’ve learned that after messing with my own head for about 2 weeks straight. Right now, a rough plan is what I have. And that’s good enough for now. There’s still this huge question mark in my life right now, but screw it. 

Looks like I just grew up a little haha 😛 

Till next post! 

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