staying positive

This week I am reminded that it is really important for us to stay positive because that’s the key of happiness. Fretting over things that you’ve no control of isn’t going to take you anywhere. 

Quoting a friend of mine: 

“Forget about what others want to do in their life. Just focus on yourself”

I turn into the worse possible version of myself when I’m stressed out looking at people being so successful at my age and whatnot. And I realize I do not like that feeling at all. Mind you, I’m not jealous of them, I just wish I had done something awesome like that at such a young age. Bad, I know. Constant comparison is a recipe for unhappiness. We shouldn’t judge out lives according to other people’s standards of living, and if we do our own life would not measure up. Note to self. 

I came across this quote on Tumblr the other day. 

To conclude, STAY POSITIVE. There’s is no need to rush things. Things will eventually fall into place. For now, enjoy the ride! 

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