exploring KL

Recently, my friends (Adelle, Gino and Lloyd) came down to Malaysia from the Philippines for a vacation. I met Adelle and Gino during the ASEAN-India program last year but we did not get the chance to bond in India as we were busy visiting places. 
I was so excited when Gino told me that they’ll be visiting. At first, I thought they were coming at the wrong time because I was swamped with assignments and whatnot. Thank God, a few of my classes that week got cancelled ( was like a blessing to me)! I got to spend 2 whole days with them which was beyond fun.
Took them to places like the Lake Gardens, Little India, Batu Caves, Merdeka Square, KL Gallery and the National Monument. Believe it or not, it was my first time at the KL Gallery. I pass by that building almost everyday when I go to college, but I never bothered to go and check tit out. How shameful! It was quite embarrassing for me when my friends started asking me questions about the place and they were shocked when I told them that it was my first time there *facepalm* 
Besides, when we were at the National Monument, I couldn’t help but to feel proud to be a Malaysian. Forget about the dirty politics and all that mess that’s going on, Malaysia is a beautiful country and it’s home. Couldn’t help but to feel a tinge of pride when my friends told me that they love Malaysia! The view from the monument was amazing! I’ve never seen something quite like that from the places I normally go to. I found it quite relaxing over there. Never thought I would have so much of fun exploring the concrete jungle of KL! 
And then, I brought them to do what we Asians love the most! EATING! Introduced them to our scrumptious Malaysian foods like nasi lemakbanana leaf ricethosairoti pisangteh tarik, etc I was so happy to see them enjoy the foods so much! Malaysia is really the biggest melting pot of Asia! 
Overall, the 2 days spent with them was so fun. Learned so much about the Philippines from them and I explored quite a number of places in KL that I never knew existed haha! It was an eye opening trip and I’ve learned how to appreciate the little things in life in the midst of all the mess we go through every single day of our lives. 
So, here are some blog-worthy pictures from our trip 🙂 Enjoy!
Us at my favourite restaurant, having banana leaf rice.


Adelle and I outside the KL Gallery.



Little India, Brickfields.
Till next post! Bye! 

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