c’est la vie

I’ve recently posted on Facebook that “For some people, no amount of degree and money can buy you class, respect, real friends or even some sense”. To what extent do you agree with this?
As for me, I believe that all these money, education and fame people strive for are temporary. And then a friend of mine asked me if education is really temporary.
So here’s my reply to that. Yes, I believe education is temporary. Why? The answer is simple. How if one day you get involved in an accident and become paralyzed or bedridden for life? How if you hurt your brain severely that you forget what you “memorized” to get your degree and whatnot? How is education going to help you then? After all, education is just a system that we’re all “engineered” to follow. Our current education system creates robots. Enough said. 
At times like that, you’d wish you earned a few good friends who would be with you, to lift you up,to even come and pay you a visit. You’d wish that you never degraded someone for their weaknesses because that’s the only thing you have left. WEAKNESS. How is your degree/Masters/PhD going to help you get out of these situations? 
I’m a strong believer that it is important for one to LEARN and not STUDY. There’s a thin line between these two. Studying hard to get a degree does not mean that you have learned something and it certainly does not prove that you’re better than someone who doesn’t score a string of As. Belittling someone for scoring lower than you or calling them mediocre just because they’re not up to your “level” does not mean you’re better than them. If you’re someone who believes that you’re better than others because your CGPA is 4.0, then I seriously request you to check your perception on things. 
I’ve said this once and I will say it again. 
You can’t judge anyone about their life or successes. Everyone’s definition of life and success are personal, no one has the rights to criticize anyone about their life as it’s personal. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. It does not mean that the underachiever is worthless or something. They might surprise you, for all you know. 
To sum up, no one’s perfect and judging people based on their academic performances is ridiculous. You can be a CEO for all I care, but if you have no manners, no one is going to look up to you. Nothing is permanent in life, heck, life itself is not permanent. 
We’re all bound to die someday. 

Question here is do you want to be remembered as an asshole who earned 10 degrees or a nice person who earned a few nice friends and respect? I would certainly choose the latter 🙂 I thank God for giving me people who constantly remind me to keep my feet on the ground no matter what. And also for sending people (negative kinds) who sometimes give me inspiration to write a blog post 😉

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