one chapter closed


8th December 2013
I finally graduated guys!! Uni is done and dusted—THANK GOD. I had such a lovely graduation. My parents and my cousins were present for the ceremony and I can safely say that I had one of the best days of my life. It was a very special day for my friends and I.


It was a rather nostalgic day for me because it was also my last day in UIU and the last time I’d be seeing some of my friends for a while. I was thinking about how fast 4 years passed by and how much I was already missing the little things like being undecided on where and what to eat, hanging out in the mamak with friends, getting coffee and waffles in between classes and just spending quality time at Starbucks. I took the opportunity to live my college life to my fullest and so I don’t really have any regrets, just a lot to miss for.




Aside from learning the skills to be a journalist and a psychologist, and how both the industry work, what has uni taught me? Well… it’s actually taught me there’s more to education than the grades and commentary you get on a piece of paper.


Being in uni, I’ve gotten to know people from a multitude of backgrounds—different ethnicities, nationalities and completely different mindsets. The exposure I received taught a pretty conservative girl like me to be more accepting and open-minded. Never thought that I’d make so many friends from different countries and we’d all graduate together. Most of us joined the course at different times and it was really amazing to be able to graduate together :’) To all my friends, thank you for the memories! 











I suppose I’m stepping onto the next phase of life. The ADULT life. Gosh, it feels so bizarre to say that! Nevertheless, I’m very excited for it. WISH ME LUCK! 
For now, I have to prepare to answer my relatives’ questions like “what’s next” or”have you applied for a job already? What job? Where? When do you start?”. Sigh. 


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