I thought life after graduation would be easier. I was wrong. The transition after graduation can be a hard one. It was hard on me, emotionally. Sometimes it gets boring when I stay idle at home and to be honest, it is really frustrating to wait for companies to respond to your application.

 Plus, it doesn’t help that family members and relatives constantly ask me about my progress. Like seriously, the last thing I want to do is answer their questions. Some people even told me to settle for any job that I can get.

My answer to that? NO WAY. I know that times are hard, the economical situation of our country is not good yada yada..but I’d rather be broke and unemployed than doing something that would make me miserable. I am and will be choosy when it comes to choosing my career path. I don’t believe in rushing into things. I’ve applied to several companies and hoping for the best. That’s the most I can do 😉 I may seem uninspired to people, I know I’m being compared to some other people, but honestly, no shit is given. 

Right now, I just want to enjoy my free time by doing whatever I love to do i.e reading, sleeping and whatnot haha. Despite all these frustrations, January has been a great month so far. Did a few things that have left me feeling accomplished. Nothing to do with New Year’s resolution though, I don’t believe in that. I believe in doing good and adjusting self as we go and that’s exactly what I am doing. 

Till next post

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