interview experiences

I’ve been to two interviews so far. Both were in totally different settings and the mood was also different for each of the interview. I just thought I’d share my first and second formal interview experiences with you guys. 

First Interview

My first interview was at The Star (national newspaper). Though I was totally nervous about it and had no sleep the day before, the whole experience was fun for me. The night before the interview, I actually did some homework for the interview session and let me tell you, it was all unnecessary! Hahaha…of course it is important for you to know about the company background, the job scope of the position you applied for etc, but I went beyond that! ahahah! I actually memorized our King’s name (which is like 3 lines long pfft!). Okay, my silliness aside, the interview went pretty well despite me being all nervous. They asked predictable questions like my background, my strengths, my weaknesses, what I like to do, my passion and stuffs like that. After the interview I even felt like I was so stupid for being nervous. The interviewer and the HR people were so friendly to me that we had an informal chat over coffee after the interview (but I  doubted that they were evaluating me) 😛 I was the only one to be interviewed that day so I did not have to worry about people who might be a better candidate for the position, which cut down my stress level that much more. Overall, the interview went so much better than I expected, I think I did pretty well too. Gotta wait for them to call me for a second interview though 😉

Second Interview
Although I went for this interview with my dad at his workplace, it was even more nerve-wrecking for me as I knew that I would be interviewed by several diplomats. It was for the Administrative Officer job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (you can say it is one of my dream jobs). Well, I am not a Public Administration graduate and my general knowledge about the world and politics is pretty limited so I prepared for days for this interview; I read my Pengajian Am books, tried to remember as much information as I can about the ministry, ministers, diplomats, Malaysia’s bilateral and multilateral relationships etc… I’m not going to mention how well I did for the interview but the interviewers were very welcoming albeit being very intimidating. Both were diplomats; one was a representative of Malaysia to the United Nations in New York and I forgot the position of the second interviewer lol. The first few questions they asked were pretty simple and I started feeling cocky that I could answer them properly. Then came the slap in the face…

Here’s the list of questions they asked me and from this, you can judge if I’m going to get the job or not haha!

1) What do you know about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? – kacang putih brooo..(dad gave me a lecture in the car) 😛

2) Why do you want to join the ministry? – Easy peasy!

3) Tell me about yourself (while flipping through my CV and certs) – Nailed it! 

4) What do you know about ASEAN? – Thank God I still kept my Pengajian Am book and revised before the interview…PHEW! 

5) Which country do you think is the most important to Malaysia? – GULP. 

6) Which country do you think is Malaysia’s arch enemy? – FAINTS.

7) You belong to the GEN-Y. Do you think social media is taking over people’s lives these days? – I gave my opinion. They smiled.

8) What do you think about the refugees in Malaysia? What should our government do for them? – OK.

9) Apakah pandangan anda tentang sumbangan Kementerian Luar Negeri kepada negara ini? – BRAIN DEAD. I’ve not spoken Malay in years and when they suddenly asked me a question in Malay, I died a little. Still managed to answer.  

So, do you think I’ll get the job? hahaha

The whole interview went on for about 20 minutes. Definitely felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life. The interview experience in MOFA was totally different from what I had at The Star. To begin with, there were 18 other candidates who were present for the interview for the same position. Made friends with some of them while waiting for my turn. It made me feel slightly better that none of them were from the Public Administration background and they were as nervous as I was. Overall, the interview was a totally different experience with a formal setting but it helped that my dad was texting me all the time and we even went for lunch before the interview. My biggest supporter and motivator ever. His presence totally helped me cope with the pre-interview stress. 

The only thing left is to wait…

Till next post!


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