work life

So, I’ve been missing for a while now. But trust me, I’ve a solid reason guys. I’m finally employed! Well, internship really. Now I hear your gasps. Why internship and not a job you may ask. (My boss calls me a Trainee Assistant, though I know it is just to make me feel better about the job.)

Well, for starters, it’s really hard to get a job these days. Everyone wants  employees with experience and how the hell am I supposed to gain those experiences when no one is ready to offer me a job? Or maybe experience  can be bought at the pharmacy these days? Am I missing out on the latest technology?

SIGH.  Moving on, I’ve been really depressed in the past few months so I’ve decided to apply for this internship. Instead of wasting time at home,  I can at least get out, earn some money and gain some experiences.

So I’m interning at Maybank right now. Working at the Strategic Procurement, Group Finance Office. What do I do exactly? Well, I act as a buyer for Maybank. I deal with suppliers to get things that Maybank needs for their offices or whatever events that they’re conducting. 

So far my experience here has been good. My colleagues are helpful and friendly but the corporate world is really weird. I prepared for days to be able to fit in the world. But guess what, they’re so not formal here in terms of dressing, interacting and whatnot. As long as you do your work properly, it is fine.  

However, wearing formal attire still bothers me. It makes me feel so uptight and I realize I start walking like a snob when I’m at the office. Snobbish or confident, I can’t tell 😛

Never thought I would end up in the corporate world. I always say that I don’t like the sedentary lifestyle, but here I am doing what I’ve despised all my life. Haha…life’s really weird huh? You know what they say, don’t hate something so much, you’ll end up doing it. Well, I shouldn’t hate having sex with Channing Tatum so much! LOL…I JOKE!

Only time will tell if I’m going to stay or leave or quit halfway 😛 Hoping for the best and trying to be positive every day. 

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