It’s my favorite month of the year! It’s MAY people! Come on, wake up, let’s celebrate! May is undoubtedly my favorite month, for an obvious reason. It’s my birthday month! 


Photo credit: Google


We always reflect a little more on our birthdays, no? So cliche. every year, someone would tell you to blow the candles and “make a wish”. I used to wish for material things. Now that I’m older a grown up, I feel the need to wish more wisely and sincerely.


So here goes my 2015 wishes:
1) To always be respectful and in turn respected. Give respect, take respect. 
2) To be the bigger person. Sometimes I blame myself for things that goes wrong and regret my actions. I’ve realized, my mistakes are my responsibilities. I make them, I learn from them. NO ONE has the rights to talk about the choices I make. Because I choose to do what I think is right. 
3) To be a better person. I would like to give back to the society. To my family. 
4) To just chill and enjoy the ride. Sometimes I stress myself out in terms of my career development but it only makes me all sad and gloomy. One day I will find my way.
5) To be more grateful.

May God wills it.


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