During the recent Deepavali break, my family and I went on a little vacation to Sabah. Had so much fun with them! If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some pictures there. All we did was eat, go out on tours, sleep and shop. Missed them a lot and it was really good to be on a vacation with the maternal family bunch. It was really good having them around.
Felt a little down when I came back. After spending several days with 12 people, it was sucky to be downsized to 4 again. But it’s okay, will be seeing them again soon, for sure.
Tried parasailing and snorkeling for the first time. Both were great experiences but I wish parasailing was cheaper. I mean, RM160/pax for a 15 minute ride is INSANE! Amazing experience, nonetheless.
Picture time! Not in order though.











Overall, Sabah is an amazing place. Enjoyed every bit of our stay there. If you ever go to Kota Kinabalu, be sure to take a trip to Kundasang and island hopping. Manukan Island especially, water is crystal clear there.
Till next post, 

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