beat the traffic, shop online!

For those of you who know me well, you know that I’m an online shopping freak! Lazada’s the best! I’ve been a loyal customer for many years now and never have I had any problems with ordering or with the items I bought. (this is a totally unbiased ex-employee statement) 😛
With all the hike in prices like toll, petrol, lrt fares (OMG!) and don’t even get me started on the parking fee some malls charge, it is waaaaay easier to shop online. You’re basically saving money to shop more!


Good news to all online shopping lovers! Lazada Malaysia is having their online revolution sales from 10th – 12th December! Did I hear you cheer? Lot’s of discounts and amazing offers await you! Mark your calendars now! Click on the link below and have fun shopping!
Now, that’s Christmas gift headache sorted out 😛


Bye! gotta do some research now… 😉


  1. Kalpanaa · December 15, 2015

    hi, thank you! and good luck to you too 🙂

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