3 places

At the beginning of this year, while discussing “life” with my friends, we came up with this idea that we must visit at least 3 places in a year.  And Dalai Lama once said “Once in a year, go to some place you’ve never been before”.
So I kinda merged the 2 ideas and went to 3 places, 2 I’ve never been to before and 1 to a place I’ve been to before.
I’m kind of stuck to the idea in my head now and I’ve been planning for trips to take next year.  Too early to plan? Maybe. But whatevs, plan ahead and aim big so that you’ll at least achieve small. Can’t remember who said that though.
Okay serious a bit. I recently went to Singapore to cure my broken heart. NOT because of a boy. Just that something that I really wanted didn’t happen. And I somehow felt like the whole world crushed on me. It felt really good to be away from reality for a while. All I did was eat, sleep, get lost and shop a little. Tip: don’t even convert the currency in your head when you pay for things okay?
On another note, Singapore was so fun. We stayed in this tiny boutique hotel called the 5footway Inn at Aliwal Street. If you’re looking for a cheap but comfortable place to stay, you should consider this place.  Strategically located with a lot of restaurants around it and walking distance to Nicoll highway MRT Station and Haji Lane. I was actually amazed by the way the whole country is connected by MRT services; it was so easy to get from one place to another. It was my first time on their MRT!
3 days and 2 nights were definitely not enough to explore everything there, but it was a good weekend getaway.
As usual, pictures are not in order hahahaha









Dreamin’ about my next adventure…..


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