2015 in review

Not going to lie, but 2015 was one of the hardest years of my life. From having to be hospitalized for back pain to making bad career choices, most of the things just went wrong this year. I spent the whole day today reflecting on 2015 as I browsed through my social media posts and pictures. Well, 2015 wasn’t entirely bad. I’ve had my fair share of fun. People say a year changes you a lot, I couldn’t agree more. 
What 2015 has taught me, in alphabetical order:
Life itself is one great adventure; every step you take takes you to some place. Everyday, you’re filling up the pages of your life story. Part of the excitement is not always knowing what happens in the next chapter (took me a lot to realize this). But with a little faith and the right attitude, anything can change you for the better. Not knowing the answer and not having a plan is fine.


You can’t change what life throws at you but you can change the way you deal with it. You can either fight back, or cry like a cry baby, complain and hurt yourself. I’ve decided to be a self-sufficient person, live my life on my own terms and so far I’m doing well. 






I am blessed to have a few people around me who genuinely cares. Someone who just listens to me rant without judging me. Cut out some people because they’re toxic. Bringing some people into the new year because they’re worth it. Making and losing friends is the nature of life. Remember to keep the ones who make you a better person and bid farewell to the rest 😉


I learned my lesson the hard way on this one. I am constantly torn between being grateful for what I have and wanting more. I didn’t get something that I really wanted and I beat myself up over it for a few weeks to a point it became so unbearable. And then I sat down to reflect and I realized I have so much to be thankful for. Taking a step back to appreciate the things I have and promise myself to work hard this year. 
Patience is really not in my vocab. in 2015, I learned how to just chill. If something is meant to happen in my life, it will happen. 20, 30 or even 80, you just have to wait. You will eventually get the things you want if you work for it. I’ve learned to just go with the flow. It makes me much happier that way. So enjoy the journey while waiting to reach the destination.


Time is a precious thing; once you lose it you can’t get it back. Likewise, you cannot get your 20s back. If you’ve plans, do it while you’ve the strength and energy. Time is also the most valuable thing you can give someone. If you care about someone; make time for them. You’ll never regret spending time with someone you love because in the end, it’s the memories that you’ll hold onto dearly; not the superficial things.


Ending this post with some of my favorite memories of this year.


2016, bring it on! 


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