desk jobless

In case anyone’s wondering if I am jobless, no I am not. I am a freelancer now. I recently took this leap of faith, followed what my heart says and decided to be a freelancer.

Basically how work looks like these days hehe

Reason being is that I can’t stand hierarchy in companies. I’m not a big fan of being a “yes maam” person.  I cannot. *insert diva face*. I was really stressed out, unhappy and became the worst possible version of myself. Spoke to a few friends, took a really expensive trip out of the country for a few days to finally realize that I just wanted to be happy.  I want to wake up, do things at my own pace and just be happy.
And for me to be happy, I had to let go of the one thing that was taking over my happiness. It was an impulsive decision, my parents are not happy with me and a lot of people gave me their unwanted opinions.
What’s done is done, oh well.
Thankfully, someone who I really respect offered me a few freelance jobs and I was more than happy to take it up. Best part of being a freelancer? No worries about grooming and what to wear for work, you can work from anywhere you like and at your own sweet time! *this is the life, man*
Till next proper post! 

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