hello Siem Reap

Before you go on to read this post (or any of my Cambodian series), KNOW that Cambodia isn’t just all about ancient Khmer temples. There’s more to Cambodia than just that.
This month, I was fortunate enough to explore one of the least talked about countries in the world. Some called it third world, I wouldn’t. You’ll know why when you read the upcoming series of y experience travelling around Siem Reap.
This has been one of the most eye-opening trips ever. And it made me believe that we are all the products of our environment. 4 days there and no single complain came out of my mouth. I smiled more, I even smiled to strangers. That’s the kind of positive vibe I had in Siem Reap.


Follow my blog to get to know more of my Cambodian adventure! Can’t wait to share my stories! Instead of writing one long post and day to day activities we did there, I’m going to separate my posts into the places we visited and what’s good there 😀


Ending this post with one of my favourite things to do in Siem Reap; riding on a tuk tuk!


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