warming up in Siem Reap

So we reached Cambodia early in the morning at 8am. Our tuk tuk driver was waiting for us at the airport already with a board that spelled my FULL name. hahahah
We stayed at the Boutique Cambo Hotel. Got our flight tickets and hotel package from AirAsia Go, which helped us a lot with budgeting. Check them out for great hotel and flight packages!
We were greeted at the hotel with cold towels and a welcome drink. Enough to give us a good first impression. While they got our room ready, the receptionist sat us down and explained to us about the tours we can take, places we can go for good food and how the hotel’s tuk tuk drivers can take us around. It all felt too good to be true for the price we paid. 
After checking in and getting our much needed sleep, we decided to walk to their famous Pub Street. After a few hours of walking around, we decided to go and watch the sunset at Phnom Bakheng, a temple near Angkor Wat. Despite having to queue up for a long time (because the authorities only allow 300 people to go to the temple top at once), it was an amazing view from up there. 
Keep this in mind when you’re purchasing the temple passes at the checkpoint; they only allow you to purchase passes for the day itself or the next day only. Since we were already there, we decided to purchase the 3 days pass (initial plan was 1 day only). It cost us $40, which was SO worth it! 
The sunset at Phnom Bakheng was normal. Nothing magnificent about it, beautiful nevertheless. After the sunset tour, we were staaaarving, so we decided to eat Indian food at Namaste Restaurant. H and I are suckers for North Indian cuisine so we just HAD to have it there. By the way, Namaste is owned by a Malaysian! 


Patiently waiting in the queue like civilized people..


This was about 6pm, when it was starting to get darker…
The streets of Siem Reap before it gets crazy at night! 
Arts & crafts at Night Market.
Day 1 in Siem Reap was already so satisfying, we looked forward to see the Angkor Wat the next day…

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